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The ultimate tool for business automation. The perfect parter to manage business processes to a new level.

Client: SmartMate
Agency: Devsu Software
Category: WebApps
Expertise: UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Branding


With so many processes and sub processes a business has to take care of it is hard to keep up with employees, contracts, vacations and many other tasks to keep everything and everyone up to date. This is how the idea of smartmatre came to place. A new way to automate business processes and let the team focus on what is important.

Users and audience

The main users for this project were employers who need to automate tasks inside their business and of course administrative personnel. Since these processes are for the whole company other users are employees inside of a company.

Roles and responsibilities

Use Experience Designer, Brand Manager, UI Designer, Web Designer

Scope and constraints

Since this was an inside project of the agency there wasn’t many time constraints, and the scope of the project was to get most of the features out on the MVP. 

The process

As with all the web apps inside of Devsu, the first wireframes and draft of the project were sent to me as a starting point. Once the idea was generated we did research on our users to see what they thought of this new idea. 

With all the comments from our users we did empathy maps to see what they felt about this idea. The result of the research gave us a new look on how to approach the solution. With all the information gathered, we did user journey mapping to find the key pain points that needed to be addressed to make the user feel taken care of. 

All ideas came to a solution with landed in a wireframe made by the CEO on top of that we created the a logo that resembled a robot that will become the Smartmate. Once we had the branding assets colors and typography we jumped on the design session to see what it was going to look like. 

Based on other popular apps like Google and Slack we came up with a minimalistic design with bright colors and activity oriented. We also created an icon set, chose a very accesible typography and made everything look nice. 

With the design taken care of, we made an inicial prototype and started testing within the office. We got some great feedback from our colleagues and started iterating to see what other improvements we could make. Once we we got some convincing results the app was ready for development.


The app is still in development and we can’t wait to start testing the implementation with real clients.