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Chakana Hotel Boutique

Chakana Hotel Boutique is not only a great hotel to stay at, but it is also a culture that inspires people to go back to the Andean ways of living.

  • Client: Chakana Hotel Boutique
  • Category: Web Sites
  • Expertise: UX/UI Design, Content Strategy, WordPress Development


The client needed a business website to reflect the values that they offer to their clients. The main objective of the site is to get people to make reservations on external services like

Users and audience

Being a theme hotel their primary audience is tourists who want to visit Quito and want to have an experience with the Andean culture.

Roles and responsibilities

Project manager, user experience designer (UX), content strategist, and theme implementation expert.

Scope and constraints

As this was an informational site, the scope of the project was limited to the hotel’s presentation pages and a contact form. The client, already with their beautiful brand, made by Cesar Yugcha, needed to get this site live as soon as possible. They gave me total liberty for creativity but the time was limited to one month.

The process

The client had extensive documentation of the information they wanted to have on the page so we created a site map with all the sections. With all the information gathered we created the first structure of the page with low fi wireframes to place all the info in the right order. After that, I showed them the look and feel of the home page which I will repeat across the whole site in development.

Instead of developing a theme from the ground up, I searched for a theme that would reflect the nature of this hotel. Since they have some really nice architectural elements, most of the colors were going to be given by the pictures that the client provided me. So, I chose the theme by YooTheme which really made the pictures stand out and the dark colors gave it the feel of a museum.


Overall the site came out as expected, the client was satisfied with the result and the users really love the site.

Ivonne Cubides, General Manager, Chakana Hotel Boutique

Ivonne Cubides

General manager, Chakana Hotel Boutique

When I’ve worked with other designers; delays, informality, lack of reflection, low level of conceptualization and professionalism have left me very dissatisfied. With David it was a different story. He helped us with the functionality of a quality product according to our needs in the agreed time. I always recommend him since he accompanied us in the development of our website in a progressive and uncomplicated way. David accompanies us until today with permanent feedback and technical support.