User Experience Design for Web and Mobile Apps

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My name is David Hinojosa and I'm a User Experience (UX) consultant.

I have a multidisciplinary skill set that integrates creative knowledge with technical and business expertise. I work with the best and most current design tools in the industry alongside having a strong understanding of and ability to perceive human nature and human behavior. My specialty is User Centered Design, Information Architecture and Interface Design for web and mobile apps.

Skill set

  • User centered research, interviews
  • Task flows, user journeys, scenarios
  • Site maps, content inventories
  • Screen flows, navigation models
  • Wireframe sketches
  • Rapid prototyping, interactive prototypes
  • Usability testing
  • High-fidelity interface design
  • Hand coding HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

User Centered Design Services

Profesional level skills to help your website or mobile app have a better reach

User experience Consultant (UX)

Fulfilling user needs is the most complex task when creating successful digital products. With design thinking methods we can understand the user in a profound way so that we can meet their needs and create apps that really make a difference.

User Interface Design (UI)

A friendly, confortable interface that maintains a visual consistency with the brand will invite users to stay, feel identified with the product and reach their objectives smoothly.

Interface CSS Developer Expert

Maintainable CSS architecture, BEM methodology and clean code to keep your app updated and scalable.


Here some examples of what we can do toguether

Satisfied Clients

All this would be imposible without my beautiful clients

Marco Salazar

Devsu Software
Project Owner

We were looking for a designer with creative skills, knowledge in UI/UX and a flexible attitude when it comes to other’s comments. This is what we found in David. We could always count on a professional that, besides being a great designer, proposed awesome ideas that our clients loved. It is always a pleasure to count with the creative support that David has provided us.

Byron Guerrero

Trisquel Consultores Cia. Ltda.

Most designers don’t worry about the objectives of the company and the service that one provides. In the beginning of our project David interviewed us to understand more about our services. Our logo, branding and website now have a very attractive and modern presentation. He was always willing to make changes to meet our needs and now he still gives us permanent support with emails and our website. I think David does a great job and we will recommend him for sure to the people we know.

Andres Artunduaga

Head of Operations
Rainforest Fresh Imports

The result of working with David was the creation of an American brand to compete with the market. His simplicity and professionalism helped us have a better visión for the packaging of our products that reflect the image of our company. He works in a very unique way, very analytical and a lot of creativity. I have never met a designer with his skills.

Duenyts Sierra

Mobile Developer

David always worked giving the best of him. I loved his designs and combinations of colors that he created. He was very friendly and an easy going person when changes were needed. He was a good friend and full of ideas to share with the team. His quality of work and his knowledge were always welcome. Sometimes I miss a good designer as David specially for a mobile developer like me.

Carlos Guerrero


Most designers I have worked with don’t have the skills or the necessary knowledge to complete the process of website design. David showed excellent results in the time we worked together. His experience and excellent criteria helped us finished a lot of projects in our agency. He is a very capable person with lots of skills.

Cesar Yugcha

Multimedia Designer

He is a professional designer with a great conceptual management, design criteria and a positive attitude. We had great chemistry as designers and he always solved problems with lots of positive energy. He is an excellent professional, knows how to play his role as a designer and he is always willing to learn new skills to get. I can always count on a friend like David for my future projects.

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